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Z 60-80 H electric forklift truck

The series Z60-80 H of CARER electric forklift trucks range are designed to ensure high performance, long autonomy of the battery and low operating costs.
Extremely compact with a really short turning radius, these trucks are designed to be compact and space-saving but at the same time to ensure high performance,reliability and ergonomics; can also be customized and adapted to every condition of use and application, safe and reliable to deal with even the toughest tasks.The compactness of the truck and the great turning capabilities allow faster and less time storage of the load even in narrow and cramped hallway sand aisle.
All trucks in the series Z60 65 7080 H are equipped with single super-elastic tires, but, as an option also possible to fix the cushion or the twin type.
The extreme compactness does not sacrifice the habitability of the driving position that turns out to be ergonomic, with excellent accessibility and with all the equipment clearly visible.
The steering enhances the dynamic qualities of the forklift truck perfectly combining the lightness of the steering wheel and driving precision.
Oil bath braking system guarantees extraordinary effectiveness and durability. Periodic maintenance required for the brake unit will reduce to a regular oil change.
The electric braking allows energy recovery to the release of the accelerator or the reversal of the direction of travel.
The particular shape of the frame allows you to fit high-capacity batteries to meet every need.


Capacity6.000-8.000 kg
Loadcentre600 mm
BrakesOil-bath brakes
Travel speed15 km/h
Hoisting speed0,39 m/s
Battery1000 Ah
Advanced Multifunction Digital Display (amd)