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Diesel / LPG / Dual Fuel

UTILEV® forklift trucks are available with a range of efficient, quiet, clean-running Yanmar Diesel or GCT LPG or Dual Fuel engines and a single-speed powershift transmission, delivering low noise and vibration levels.

Both the drive and steer axles are designed for durability and longevity. Efficient cooling and filtration reduces the risk of unplanned downtime – All trucks feature a standard warranty of 12 Months / 2000 Hours.

The range of rigid masts provides excellent visibility for precise load handling and is compatible with a range of carriages, load backrests and forks, as well as attachments, including an integral sideshift.

The operator compartment offers easy driver access, thanks to the low step height and conveniently placed grab handles. The standard seat delivers superior comfort and lumbar support to ensure that the operator can work efficiently throughout the day.

The small diameter steering wheel features light, precise steering. The steering column is tilt adjustable for optimum comfort and includes a forward / reverse lever and direction indicator lever. The manual hydraulic controls are cowl-mounted and within easy reach.

The uncluttered floor plate offers excellent foot space with a traditional three pedal arrangement, for accelerator, brake and inching. Inching is mechanical and adjustable, delivering precise truck positioning during handling operations. The conventional drum brakes with automatic adjustment provide excellent stopping power.

Rear view mirrors, an audible reverse alarm and a full light kit, including a strobe light, are fitted as standard, to facilitate handling operations.

UT15-18P: Yanmar 2.6L Diesel (32.8kW) or GCT 2.1L LPG / Dual-Fuel (31.5kW) engines

Transmission: 1-speed Powershift

Masts: 2-stage LFL, 2-stage FFL, 3-stage FFL (Class II)

Carriages: 1000 or 1100mm (Class II)

Forks: 920mm or 1070mm or 1150mm x 100 x 35mm, (Class II)

Standard Pneumatic Tyres: Drive 6.50-10-10PR; Steer 5.00-8-10PR

Options include: Upswept Exhaust, Muffler – LPG only with 3-way Catalyst, Air Intake with Pre-cleaner, Double Air Cleaner, Hydraulic Oil Filter, Integral Sideshift or Integral Sideshift and Fork Positioner, Valve & Hose Groups – 3 and 4 way, Cab with/without  Heater , Full Suspension Seat,  Rear Work Light, Superelastic tyres

B-CLOSE nv is de grootste onafhankelijke Belgische onderneming actief in de verdeling en het onderhoud van A-merkheftrucks. Met de oprichting van een onze 100 % Belgische vennootschap willen wij dicht bij onze klanten staan en actief meezoeken naar de meest geschikte oplossing voor elke specifieke logistieke situatie (CUSTOMISED LOGISTIC SERVICES & EQUIPMENT). Contacteer ons voor meer info via rental{@}b-close.be of info@b-close.be