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Z 25 HD electric forklift truck

The ability to maintain high residual capacities at great heights, the compactness of the frame and the high travel and lifting speed, make the Z25 HD the ideal truck for particular applications such as fruit and logistics.


The series Z25HD is able to grant low cost of ownership, long work autonomy, high performances and excellent visibility thanks to the high drive position that is ergonomically designed.
These characteristics make this truck suitable for any condition of use, safe and reliable for heavy duty applications.
The turning radius, which is one of the best in its category, is another important hallmark.
CARER’s electric motors are designed to grant high performance and high acceleration level.
The electronic system gives to the motors the power needed to perform high travel and lifting speed, great acceleration level and unmatched maneuverability.
To increase the autonomy of work several batteries of different amperage are available. The battery, removable sideways, can be replaced by using a crain or a forklift.


Capacity2.500 kg
Loadcentre500 mm
Brakesa tamburo
Travel speed18 km/h
Hoisting speed0,60 m/s
Battery625 Ah
Multifunction Display (dme)